The goal of retouching is the elimination of defects and the creative embodiment of ideas. In other words, this is an improvement in photography, as well as a correction of shortcomings. Often, even elusive changes affect the perception and assessment of a photo.    

Ретушь фотографии

Базовая ретушь фотографии

Basic retouch

  • color correction
  • plasticity
  • technical skin cleaning
  • background cleaning

€ 5 per photo

Детальная ретушь фотографии

Detailed retouching

  • color correction
  • plasticity
  • deep skin processing
  • skin tone alignment
  • cleaning of clothes
  • background processing

€ 10 per photo

Ретушь фотографии Бьюти

Beauty retouch

  • color correction
  • deep skin cleaning
  • eyelashes and eyebrows drawing 
  • make-up overlay/change
  • teeth whitening
  • hair retouching
  • detailed retouching of clothes
  • background processing
  • additional requests

€ 15 per photo

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